All CUMULUS products are covered by a 5-year or 10-year guarantee. If there is any defect, please send it to the following address:

Ul. Opata Hckiego 19
81-211 Gdynia, 

It is not necessary to include proof of purchase, we take full responsibility for all our products.

The guarantee does not cover mechanical damage caused by the user or natural wear and tear of a product. However, we will do our best to fix any product which may have been damaged.

The product must be washed before sending it for servicing. Dirty and smelly product might be sent back, without servicing, at the owner's cost. If the product is damaged and washing is difficult, please secure the damage by a tape and wash it anyway.

If the complaint is accepted, we will cover all the costs of delivery: sending the defective product to us and sending the repaired product back to the customer. This applies worldwide. The return of transportation costs will be made only with a scanned copy of the receipt of postage costs sent to us. 

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