Hydrophobic down



 The biggest and drawback with down-filled clothing and equipment has always been sensitivity to moisture. Wet down greatly loses its insulating properties so, in conditions where there is a risk of high condensation, sometimes we are forced to replace down with heavier and less warm synthetic material. Moderate protection of down against moisture can of course be obtained by using suitable materials such as Pertex Endurance – as used by us, but does not solve the problem completely, especially if the gear is used over several consecutive days without the possibility of drying the equipment.

Hydrophobic down employs the latest technology towards solving this problem. This is full-fledged Polish goose down, the same one we've been using up to now. When subjected to the appropriate treatment, it has much higher performance when it comes to contact with moisture than traditional down:

1. Absorbs much less water.
2. Maintains a greater fill power, even with long contact with moisture .
3. Dries faster.
4. Does not lose its properties after washing.

The use of hydrophobic down is a true revolution in down products which in combination with Pertex Endurance fabric will extend high performance of down-filled sleeping bags in conditions of increased humidity.



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