Taiga 360

600 g
360 g
Down quality 850 cuin
Warranty 10 years
Comfort -6 °C *
Limit -13 °C *
Extreme -



225,00 EUR
Taiga 360
Ilość: -+
Wartość:225,00 EUR
Delivery time: 15 working days
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Taiga 360 is a 3-season topquilt. It will perform well when used with our Selva 450 underquilt. Taiga 360 will perform well during autumn or mild winter weather and as a 2-season solution for warm sleeping conditions.

We offer topquilts for all possible temperature conditions: from summer relaxation at the lake to camping in the forest during the winter. An innovative feature of the product is the lengthwise chambers in the top part of the topquilt that prevent the down from shifting to the middle due to the pressure on the sides of the hammock. The bottom of the topquilt is bent and extended upwards ("shark fin" construction) to provide more space for your feet. The neck area can be adjusted with a stopper, it is insulated with a down-filled tube. The closed part of the topquilt (foot-box) reaches more or less to the user's knees so that any ¾ length underquilt or longer will provide insulation from below. The edges of the topquilt are protected by a flexible drawcord in several spots to hold them together in a way that does not limit your movement (the drawcord can be removed if it is no longer required).

  • External fabric: Pertex Quantum DWR, 27 g/m²
  • Internal fabric: Pertex Quantum DWR, 27 g/m²
  • Fill: Polish goose down, 850 cuin
  • Construction: H chambers
  • Differential cut allows the goose down to expand in the most stretched places
  • Lengthwise chambers in the top part optimise the insulation
  • The exit regulated with a stopper
  • Down-filled tube around the neck
  • Shark fin: the bottom is bent and extended upwards to provide better comfort for your feet
  • Flexible finishing to adjust the topquilt to the user
  • Additional big net bag for storage at home
  • Total weight, size M/L: 600 g / 645 g
  • Fill weight, size M/L: 360 g / 390 g
  • Empty product weight: 240 g / 255 g
  • Comfort temperature: -6 °C *(when used with underquilt Selva 450)
  • Limit temperature: -13 °C *(when used with underquilt Selva 450)
  • Maximum user's height, size M/L: 190 cm / 205 cm
  • Length, size M/L: 187 cm / 202 cm
  • Width (shoulders/knees): 77/51 cm
  • Storage sack dimensions (height/diameter): 22/16 cm
  • Storage sack volume: 4.4 l
  • Number of down-filled chambers, size M/L: 40/42
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