Quilt 150

375 g
150 g
Down quality 850 cuin
Warranty 10 years
Comfort 9 ˚C
Limit 4 ˚C
Extreme -
Price: 159,00 EUR
Quilt 150
Ilość: -+
Wartość:159,00 EUR
Delivery time: 8-10 working days
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Quilt 150 is designed for users camping mainly in summer conditions and for those who want to have equipment ideally suitable for all kinds of conditions. We present this product, so that during summer trips the user does not have to carry a single superfluous gram. 150 grams of the highest quality 850 cuin Polish goose down provides the necessary insulation. A revolutionary design on the market, Quilt makes very efficient use of its down filling. Based on the construction of one of our sleeping bags, we removed the lower part of the bag in order to compress the least amount of down under your body so that almost all the down in this product is continuously used for insulation. Adjustable, elasticized straps pull the ‘wings’ of the quilt underneath the user, so there is no need to worry about the deterioration of insulation when changing sleeping position.

  • Fabric: Pertex Quantum, 27 g/m²
  • Filling: Polish goose down, 850 cuin
  • Construction: Box structure (“H” chambers)
  • Independently filled top and bottom of the quilt
  • Extremely low weight in ratio to the amount of down filling used
  • Down used for insulation more efficiently than in sleeping bags
  • Elasticized straps for attaching to mattress
  • ‘Wings’ of the quilt automatically drawn underneath the user which enhances the insulation and the comfort
  • The possibility to secure the quilt at the neck with elastic draw cord when needed
  • Can be used as an insert in conjunction with a sleeping bag in order to improve insulation
  • Additional, large mesh bag to store your quilt at home
  • Total weight: 375 g
  • Down weight: 150 g
  • Weight of unfilled sleeping bag: 225 g
  • Comfort temperature: 9 ˚C
  • Limit temperature: 4 ˚C
  • Maximum user height: 185 cm
  • Length: 177 cm
  • Width (top/bottom): 77/51 cm
  • Stuffsack’s dimensions (height/diameter): 16/13 cm
  • Stuffsack’s volume: 2,1 l
  • Number of down chambers: 36
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