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Tested for you by us

Tested for you by us

Hydrophobic down is a great technological innovation. We have had good opportunity to test its qualities, which is why we know what an important role it plays in outdoor equipment. What advantage does hydrophobic down have over a traditional one? Watch the clip and see for yourself!





The lightest of the lightest – Toray Airtastic

The lightest of the lightest – Toray Airtastic

What would our products be like without ultralight fabrics? Thanks to these high-quality fabrics we can reduce the weight of our products. One such fabric is Airtastic™, made by Toray, a Japanese company. It is very popular among those interested in fast&light, and we are not surprised – it may have different grammages, but ours only weighs in at 19 g/m2, which is the lightest down fabric in the world.

What qualities, apart from its weight, make Toray Airtastic so phenomenal? Its 100% nylon content in a thick fibre weave (7D) ensures efficient wind protection. Moreover, the rip-stop technology (weaving in additional thicker fibres to make the characteristic check on the fabric surface) prevents the fabric from tearing from any physical damage. Airtastic fabric also possesses a DWR surface, which increases water resistance. Another advantage is its breathability – thanks to the low grammage, the fabric easily lets the air in and out. It is worth noting that Toray Airtastic is unbelievably soft when in contact with the skin, which is why it is ideal for sleeping equipment. Together with the best Polish high resilience down we use, it creates an ideal insulation base for outdoor clothing.

Discover the advantages of Toray Airtastic fabric for yourself during your own expeditions – where the lack of unnecessary loading keeps your focus fully on your contact with nature!






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